Lechon Kawali

Pan fried pork bellies - crispy!

Sisig Fries

Pork jowl and ear with french fries! One of our most popular dishes!


Cornstarch noodles in shrimp gravy topped with hard-boiled eggs, shrimps, crushed pork rinds, tofu and green onions!

Spring Rolls

Sumptuous spring rolls with sweet and spicy sauce!

Kanto on Global TV’s The Morning Show

Kanto is on Global TV’s The Morning Show as part of the show’s introduction to the Kultura Festival, a Filipino arts festival that runs in the heart of Dundas Square from August 5-9.

Watch the host try out Diona’s own version of Taho Рa dessert made from tapioca pearls and silken tofu.

Read more about the Kultura festival on http://www.kultura.ca
Twitter hashtag #Kultura

Titaflips on Global TV's The Morning Show – Kultura Filipino Arts Festival from ICONICA on Vimeo.

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